Necessary Gear


Snorkel with Mouth Guard




Water Polo Cap

An athletic swimsuit and a towel.  We provide all the other gear you need for your first practice.  Feel free to bring any snorkel or fins you may have.  Please register to our event, so we make sure to have the right sizes.

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Equipment Purchase Tips

If you would prefer to purchase from a store not listed above, know that snorkel equipment varies drastically in purpose and usability.  Below are some tips for finding equipment that works the best.  Sticks, gloves, and snorkel attached mouth guards are hard to find on popular eCommerce sites and can be found at the sites above.

Purchase a snorkel that does not have a float valve.  Float values are great for traditional snorkeling, but often make it difficult to breathe in underwater hockey.  The snorkel on the right is an example of a float value.

Goggles that cover the eyes and nose, pictured left, are almost exclusively used by underwater hockey players.  This style provides the best protection from any impact to the face.  Unlike swim googles that only cover the eyes, they provide great comfort when in 10+ ft of water.  Unlike full face masks, they allow you to talk to teammates between plays.

Underwater Hockey is a physical sport with intense bursts of energy.  Just like having a good pair of running shoes, you need to take care of your feet with a comfortable pair of fins.  Fins that are sized properly for your foot allow for more comfort during play.  Consider wearing socks while playing to prevent any sores from forming.  Adjustable fins, pictured right, often do not fit well near the toes and often have a nasty habit of coming loose right when you're about to make that big play.